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Cashen Diverse Solutions - Glossary [V]


Vectors are lines originating from a common point being defined by their angle to some position (say 12:00 noon position) and by their length. Vector files are produced in drawing programs, such as AutoCAD. With a vector file, the data is stored as a mathematical formula (defining the vectors) and the program does this by relating all points to a common origin.


The process of converting paper drawings into CAD drawing files. Initially, the drawings are scanned, using a large format scanner to produce a raster (or bitmap) file. The vectorising software attempts to identify 'entities' within the drawing such as circles, lines, arcs etc. and their properties such as line thickness and type. The output vector file (typically with a dwg or dxf extension) can then be read by a CAD package. It should be noted that the result is not the same as the output from manually re-creating the drawing within a CAD program.
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