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Cashen Diverse Solutions - Glossary [D]


A software package for storing data that also uses an index to locate the data for subsequent retrieval. Retrieved data may be in the original form or may be in a rearranged form dependent on how the index has been used to recover the data. Early databases were known as 'flat file' being data records serially stored with sophisticated indexes for recovering the data stored within the records. Current databases are known are "Relational" and these databases relate common data within the records to each other. This minimizes storage space and speeds recovery.


Process of turning an image so that it is 'square' to the screen.


Process of removing the backgound isolated speckles produced during the scanning process.


A type of film emulsion used for duplicating microfilm formats.


Term given to the conversion of analogue information (such as words and pictures) into information that a computer can interpret i.e. binary data


Dots Per Inch.
The dots of ink used by an offset lithographic printer to produce the image. Also, the tiny dots created by ink jet printers when they shoot a droplet of ink onto the page. Hence this is a measurement of the printers resolution. Ink dots are very much smaller than pixels and several dots of ink are used to represent a pixel.
Often used to describe the definition of resolution for a scanning device.


A variety of 16mm microfilm storage where the camera films both front and back of pages simultaneously as two images across the film.


Digital Versatile Disc.
The same physical size as a CD but can hold at least seven times the capacity.
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