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Cashen Diverse Solutions - Glossary [M]


Usually refers to the original silver halide negative film created direct from the camera. Negative or positive copies can be made from this and the master will last 200-300 years.

Megabyte (Mb)

A Megabyte is strictly 1024 bytes but often taken as 1000 bytes. A measure of storage capacity.


Often used as the generic term for all the various types of format available. May be negative or positve and used to describe Jackets, COM , Combi-Jackets, Diazo, Twin Channel etc.


A generic word describing several types of film negatives, all of which are an analogue of the original document.

Multi-Tif File

A digital file that contains images of more than one page. The images are related to each other and thus the file forms an electronic version of a multi page document.
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