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Cashen Diverse Solutions - Glossary [S]


Device for digitising originals to a file format that a computer can read.


The process of taking a physical image, normally on paper or similar, and replicating the image in a digital form for storage on a computer. Documents may be scanned as a batch, manually or automatically, using the same, previously defined, scanner settings for scanning all the documents as in the roll film scanning or individually by altering the setting of the scanner parameters, to obtain the optimum digital image for the each document being scanned.

Search Engineering

The process of web page optimisation and submission to help generated high ranking listings within the major search engines.


Search Engine Optimisation - See "Search Engineering"


A variety of 16mm microfilm storage where the camera films the front side only of pages, one image across the film. The reverse side must be filmed as a separate image.

Step and Repeat

A variety of fiche where the camera films direct to 105mm. X 148mm. from originals one image at a time across the fiche and thence to rows 2,3,4 etc. mainly used for publication of manuals with high duplication level.
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