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Cashen Diverse Solutions - Glossary [B]


Two states i.e.'on' or 'off' or mathematically '1' or '0'. A computer is a high speed switching machine and every piece of data stored on it or being processed by it consists of patterns of '1' & '0's which represent some form of data.


A grid like arrangement of pixels for storing an image in a digital file. Each pixel colour is known numerically by the number of bits used to define it. It is also know as a "raster" file.


An automatic retrieval system, for usually 16mm microfilm, made up of up to 3 levels of blip width set against each frame. Typically each page has a single level, chapter has double level and book has triple level. An optical sensor on the reader picks these up at high speed. The system is very useful for automatic microfilm scanning systems.
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