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Specialist Scanning

CDS offers a range of scanning services. Our inhouse equipment can handle a variety of formats including photographs, photographic transparencies, Xrays, large format microfilm and 110 negatives.


Blue Bullet - 15x10Aperture Card Scanning
Blue Bullet - 15x10Large Format Microfilm
Blue Bullet - 15x10Microfiche
Blue Bullet - 15x10110 Negatives
Blue Bullet - 15x1035mm Slides
Blue Bullet - 15x10X-rays
Blue Bullet - 15x1016mm Roll Film
Blue Bullet - 15x1035mm Roll Film
Blue Bullet - 15x10Medical Images
Blue Bullet - 15x10Dental Images
Blue Bullet - 15x10Industrial Images
Blue Bullet - 15x105" x 4" Colour/Mono Negatives/Transparencies
Blue Bullet - 15x1012" x 10" Colour/Mono Negatives/Transparencies
Blue Bullet - 15x1060mm x 60mm Colour/Mono Negatives/Transparencies
Blue Bullet - 15x1060mm x 70mm Colour/Mono Negatives/Transparencies

We have state of the art microfilm scanning equipment together with in house developed and well established processing and enhancement systems to offer you the best quality reproduction of your microfilm source.

With such a broad range of services please get in touch to discuss your individual needs. Our team can help advise you and even customise our services to your requirements.