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Microfiche Scanning

Fiche is a generic term for all microforms measuring approx. 6" x 4". These sheets can store microfilm images of A4 and A3 documents at 24x reduction & up to 270 images of computer data at 48x reduction.

Microfiche jackets hold up to 5 strips of 16mm film, between 60-70 pages at a time. Fiche can be scanned per image as per other documents.

Another type of jacket is a twin channel variety used for holding 35mm film strips, usually 2 strips by 3 images. These are often used for distributing maps for utility companies. These can be scanned to high quality and the resultant images mapped together if required.

Step and repeat fiche are used for publishing and usually fit into a 98 frame standard of microfilmed A4 and A3 documents.

Computer Output Microfiche (COM) are microfilm images off a computer screen of computer data that has never been on paper. As a result the data can be held at higher reduction ratios (42x and 48x) as the image is of much higher quality. These can be identified by the number of images across the top row 42x/16 and 48x/18. Although the original data was on magnetic tape, this is often lost so we are able to reconstitute the data as a scanned image.

Fiche may be positive or negative, master or diazo copy - both forms may be scanned but negative masters will give best results. Our state of the art scanner pre-scans any of these types of fiche and separates out images into individual files. These can be stored as a multi-tif file indexed by the fiche title only.

Types of Microfiche

16mm Fiche
16mm Fiche
35mm Fiche
35mm Fiche
Step & Repeat Fiche
Step & Repeat Fiche
16mm Diazo Fiche
16mm Diazo Duplicate Fiche
35mm Diazo Fiche
35mm Diazo Duplicate Fiche

Blue Bullet - 15x1016mm Fiche Diazo or Jacket Master
Blue Bullet - 15x1035mm Fiche Diazo or Jacket Master
Blue Bullet - 15x10COM Fiche
Blue Bullet - 15x10Step & Repeat Fiche

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