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Specialist Scanning

35mm Transparency Scanning & Photograph Scanning

High quality colour scans from 35mm slides, larger transparencies and up to A3 bromide prints (photographs), saved in the file format of your choice.

As traditional photography with light sensitive film gradually gives way to images captured using digital cameras it creates the problem of archives being split into different physical and electronic formats. The answer is to scan the photographic originals to a digital format. This allows continuity of old, present and future images which is so important for priceless family albums, photo libraries and historical societies. Damaged and faded pictures may also be repaired and enhanced to restore them to as near to their original condition as possible.

Blue Bullet - 15x1035mm Colour/Mono Slides
Blue Bullet - 15x10Photographic Negatives
Blue Bullet - 15x10Bromide Prints
Blue Bullet - 15x10Digital Re-Productions
Blue Bullet - 15x10Direct from Memory Card Printing

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