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Specialist Scanning

Roll Film Scanning

With the very latest inhouse software and experienced skilled operators CDS offers you a high speed, high quality conversion solution for roll film archives.

35mm or 16mm, planetary, rotary, simplex, duplex, negative, positive, single or multi-level blip are all scanned to produce the best possible result.

Using roll film scanning as a base we have developed a unique method of incorporating colour, greyscale and bitmaps into a multi-image file for ease of viewing and indentification.

Together with our in house developed processing software, CDS can offer a range of enhancement services as part of your scanning package.
  • Deskewing
  • Despeckling
  • Hole Fill
  • Cropping
Once the images have been captured and enhanced if required, the images can be indexed and transfered on CD or DVD.

Blue Bullet - 15x10Aperture Cards
Blue Bullet - 15x1016mm Roll Film
Blue Bullet - 15x1035mm Roll Film
Blue Bullet - 15x10Large Format Microfilm
Blue Bullet - 15x1070mm
Blue Bullet - 15x10Half-Plates
Blue Bullet - 15x10Microfiche Scanning
Blue Bullet - 15x10X-rays
Blue Bullet - 15x10Medical Images
Blue Bullet - 15x10Dental Images
Blue Bullet - 15x10Industrial Images
Blue Bullet - 15x105" x 4" Colour/Mono Negatives/Transparencies
Blue Bullet - 15x1012" x 10" Colour/Mono Negatives/Transparencies
Blue Bullet - 15x1060mm x 60mm Colour/Mono Negatives/Transparencies
Blue Bullet - 15x1060mm x 70mm Colour/Mono Negatives/Transparencies

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