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Specialist Scanning

Aperture Card Scanning

CDS have developed a unique range of advanced aperture card scanning techniques. By leaving the standard aperture card scanning process behind CDS have taken this microfilm conversion procedure to the next level.

Together with our in house developed processing software, CDS can offer a range of enhancement services as part of your scanning package.
  • Deskewing
  • Despeckling
  • Hole Fill
  • Cropping
Once the images have been captured and enhanced if required, the images can be indexed and transfered on CD or DVD. In some case we can provide an on-demand scan service for those who require continued access to their aperture cards whilst CDS hold them for scanning.

Blue Bullet - 15x10Aperture Cards
Blue Bullet - 15x10Large Format Microfilm
Blue Bullet - 15x1070mm
Blue Bullet - 15x10Half-Plates
Blue Bullet - 15x10X-rays
Blue Bullet - 15x10Medical Images
Blue Bullet - 15x10Dental Images
Blue Bullet - 15x10Industrial Images
Blue Bullet - 15x1016mm Fiche
Blue Bullet - 15x1035mm Fiche
Blue Bullet - 15x1016mm Diazo Fiche
Blue Bullet - 15x1035mm Diazo Fiche
Blue Bullet - 15x105" x 4" Colour/Mono Negatives/Transparencies
Blue Bullet - 15x1012" x 10" Colour/Mono Negatives/Transparencies
Blue Bullet - 15x1060mm x 60mm Colour/Mono Negatives/Transparencies
Blue Bullet - 15x1060mm x 70mm Colour/Mono Negatives/Transparencies

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