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Website Design & Web Development

Our Website Design Startup Package is available from as little as £299, with our help we can guide you through the process of getting your business online. As our website design packages are "All-in-One" we not only design the website, we register your domain name, host the site and provide email services. This leaves you to focus on the important things... your business!


As we have mentioned before our website design packages are "All-in-One". This simplifies the whole process for you and even includes search engine submissions and basic search engine optimisation, a service often charged as extra.


With a range of enhancement and expansion modules, CDS can help your website grow alongside your business. Some of our clients have chosen to begin online with a simple website, focusing on content and services. After a few months of growth they often add on modules such as CDS Events to quickly and effectively expand their website.

Included as Standard

At CDS we believe in providing a quality All-in-One service. We include, as Standard with all our packages

  • 12 Months Hosting
  • Your own (Subject to availability)
  • POP3 Email Account
  • Search Engineering (SEO)
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Free Minor Updates
  • Website Monitoring
  • Long Term Advice and Support

Let CDS Help!

With many years experience within all fields of IT including website design & search engineering, CDS can help you get ahead. Many clients have been unaware on the huge benefits the internet offers, not only as a global advert but as an integral part of any business. By analysing your individual business needs we can help you decide on your digital future.

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