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CDS Reservation in action

CDS Reservation in action

CDS Reservation in action

CDS Reservation

CDS Reservation is a complete online hotel reservation system offering a flexible and cost effective method for allowing your business to receive bookings online. CDS Reservation has a large number of plus points over its competitors:

Blue Bullet - 15x10Seamless integration into your own CDS Hosted Website
As part of CDS`s All-in-One philosophy, we can help create your website together with integrated booking engine from scratch or transfer your existing website
Blue Bullet - 15x10No agency fees or charges per booking
Some third party sites charge 2%-5% per booking to use their systems
Blue Bullet - 15x10Flexible and easy to use administration
Complete control of your booking engine online
Blue Bullet - 15x10Continued Help, Support & Development
CDS always looks after the customer! By listening and working with our clients CDS Reservation continues to refine and evolve

CDS Reservation comes complete with its own online administration interface that includes some incredibly powerful features:

Blue Bullet - 15x10Bookings Management
Confirm bookings, cancel bookings, add bookings and even analyse your current room allocation status.
Blue Bullet - 15x10Extras Management
Allow your customers to add that little bit extra to their booking via the Extras System. You have complete control and can allow customers to add extras such as flowers or Champagne Breakfasts to their booking.
Blue Bullet - 15x10Rate Management
Control your room tariffs and even add special rates. This is a very powerful management functions and gives you high levels of control over your room tariffs. You can a time limited special rate, duration specific special rates or even weekend only tariffs.
Blue Bullet - 15x10Room Management
If your business expands, add your new rooms here or change the type of existing rooms.
Blue Bullet - 15x10Auto Management
A large amount of the routine data management is handled automatically by CDS Reservation, saving you time and money.

If you would like more information about CDS Reservation or would like to discuss your individual requirements then please don`t hesitate to get in touch.