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All in One Business Services

Let CDS become your All-in-One partner

All in One Packages for Business Startups

If you are a business startup or even an existing business looking to streamline its supply base then CDS has the solution for you. By amalgamating our broad range of services we can help with a simple One-Stop-Shop solutions.

Business Startups

When starting a business you often recruit the help of a graphic designer to create your business identity, you then pass the designs onto a web designer for your website, then onto a layout artist for your stationery and then... onto the printer for printing...! With CDS all it takes is one call, let us help you bring all of these elements together into a hassle free, cost effective service. Let CDS become your One-Stop-Shop!

Existing Businesses

As with business startups, we are sure you will have been through many designers and suppliers to establish your business and its identity. Let CDS streamline these services and become your One-Stop-Shop. A single point of contact for all your graphic design, web services, stationery printing and more... Saving you time and money!


Bringing these numerous services together allows CDS to offer some great discounts based on your own individual All-in-One requirements.
For more information on any of our services or to discuss your All-in-One requirements please get in touch.